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Captioning or Subtitling

You can add closed captioning or subtitles to your video or DVD without all the headaches of maintaining an in-house operation and without sending your masters anywhere!

Armour CaptioningTM will provide pop-on, reading rate-adjusted, positioned, and proofed closed captions or subtitles.

You can save time and money if you have an audio transcript or script.  However, Armour Captioning can quickly transcribe your audio and thoroughly research all text for correct spelling and punctuation.

Your video must communicate, so we take extra care to place captions so content and on-screen graphics are viewable.  We take special care to make reading rates comfortable for the viewer.

You can even encode the closed captions or subtitles yourself.  We can send you a special captioning file to read time code and control your closed caption encoder.  Similarly, we can email you caption files for most DVD authoring systems.  But if you prefer, we can supply quality captioned sub-masters or DVD masters.

Our captioning and subtitling follows guidelines suggested by the National Association of the Deaf and Gallaudet University research.

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